About Us

ParticiPaid supports those who do good!

Behind ParticiPaid is a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and changemaker-volunteers that all together join their forces, resources, and experience with a goal to support other social entrepreneurs and impact makers.
We are driven and excited by great ideas that are having a direct influence and improving the quality of our and others’ daily lives. Already now we have been behind some great initiatives that have flourished and we are proud of them.


 ParticiPaid started back in 2009 when Marie and Christian as founders had an idea of creating a win-win opportunity and a rewarding system for all volunteers and do-gooders around the world for all the good they did.
An online portal was born with a sophisticated rewarding system in form of karma points and a karma shop where users could go and use their well-earned karma points and exchange them into vouchers. The idea like many others was great but execution and getting people to join the platform was very challenging.
Many of our studies showed that people were actually doing good with no expectations to get anything in return. We at the same time realized that what we actually were good at was to connect our network in form of offline activities that had a goal to create a match where they could help each other on their journey to a better, sustainable world.
This was an eye-opener for us realizing that this is actually the place where we could help generate a greater impact than online. We started re-thinking ParticiPaid and started to focus more and more on the offline activities which gave a re-birth of ParticiPaid 2.0
So here we are. ParticiPaid 2.0 has today been involved in many social impact projects, we have gained trust from our partners and network through collaborations and we are actively working on connecting and supporting impact makers through our activities.


Growing a network of social entrepreneurs, investors, and changemaker-volunteers



Matching and creating collaborations between our partners that are willing to share their forces, resources, and knowledge



Generating a greater impact and paving the way to a better & more sustainable world

Our team

  • 11co-founder
    Marie Zaiti
  • 11Aida Zaklan
    Aida Zaklan
  • 11co-founder
    Christian Simanek
  • 11Team member
    Florian Gust
  • 11Team member
    Anna Schümann
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    Valerie Gadde