Meet our Young Partners – Startup “Digiqal”.

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We, Participaid, strive to do good and this team of young, motivated and talented people help us in helping you.
Digiqal is a software development team which is designing, developing and consulting an early stage start-ups and helping them grow.
It was hard to believe that these young people have so much experience and knowledge but they’ve proved us with a lot of software solutions they’ve developed.

Giving young people opportunities to grow and to show their skills has many benefits.

Young people can bring fresh perspective and a different way of thinking to your business. Most of young people are eager to learn and to succeed and their dedication to work should never be undervalued. 

We gave them a chance to shine and they did. Now, they will help you shine and develop your digital product.

We believe in youth because as it is said in a proverb „And the young shall inherit the world.“ –

To be sure that the world will stay in a good hands we need to support and help young people achieve their goals.

„From the first day in IT world, my goal was to leave something useful behind me that will help others who shall come after me. Partnership with Participaid gave me opportunity to grow as well as to increase my network which will definately help me achieve my goal.“ – Sanjin from Digiqal.

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