Stronger together – 180Degrees Consulting and f1rstlife

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When good projects and ideas support each other, it results in great strength and progress for the future. ParticiPaid has been a partner of f1rstlife (, the social magazine for young people, for several years. When f1rstlife started to work on the idea to integrate a new fee model, ParticiPaid connected them with 180Degrees (www.180dc@org), the largest student consultancy agency in Germany.

Just within three month 180Degrees Consulting and f1rstlife have developed an innovative concept that is also unique in Germany:
Soon young people can contribute even more through every published article. They can now support a specific social project of their choice with just only one click.

We are really proud of f1rstlife’s release: “We are truly happy and grateful for this connection, the ideas and the results that we achieved with the help of ParticiPaid.”

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