I wanted to make change – Sanjin

My journey in the IT world started when I finished high school. I was only 18 years old but I had a lot of ideas. I entered the Faculty of information technology and while I was studying, I educated myself through courses in different technology parks in my city such as INTERA and SPARK.

These courses were usually happening during the summer and in Mostar, where I live, summer is very hot. I didn’t have a car back in those days, I always went on foot, and even though it was over 40° I had the will to learn.

My IT adventure took me to a lot of different fields of technology and development. I entered courses in UX/UI design, project management, frontend and backend development, sales skills, etc.

I often had a lack of interest, motivation, and knowledge that often set me back but I never stopped working on myself. There was and still is something I don’t know and a lot of things I have to learn. That is the beauty of the IT world. It is constantly growing and expanding and so must or knowledge about it. I never wanted to get hired and work from 8 am to 4 pm and have an amount of money monthly. I knew that my skills and knowledge can help the community and the country I live in.

My goal was to create something that will help people around me and make their life easier. When I entered the course for my driver’s license, I saw the struggle for the paperwork so we created a software solution where auto-schools were able to register, follow and test their students. It had to get the approval of the country, which didn’t happen.

Time went by, and I worked on many solutions and most of them failed but that didn’t stop me. I continued working on solutions that help my community and that can be used worldwide.
Never stop chasing your goal and dreams.

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